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Deliver happiness to your employees, clients & event attendees. Build your own bespoke gift box or choose from a wide range of ready made gift boxes. Your trusted gifting partner for 1-5,000 gifts.

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Corporate Gift Boxes for Every Occasion, Delivered Globally

HappyCo. has everything you need to recognise and reward your employees, clients & event attendees. Ready made gift boxes, snack stashes & branded swag or build your own bespoke corporate gift box.

Corporate Gift Boxes for Every Occasion

HappyCo. has everything you need to recognise and reward your employees, clients & event attendees. Curated gift boxes, snack stashes & branded swag.

How It Works

Ready Made or Build your own

Create your own bespoke corporate gift box or choose from one of our ready made gift boxes to send to your employees, clients or event attendees.

Free Personalised Gift Message Card

Once you’ve selected your gift, it's time to get personal. Brand your box with your company logo and include a personalised & branded message card.

Express UK Shipping & Worldwide Delivery

We’ll take care of everything else, from picking, packing and shipping. We can deliver happiness to everyone, anywhere in the world.

Appreciation Matters


of employees say recognition improves their engagement.


of workers agreed they will work harder if their efforts are better appreciated.


of employees who receive recognition trust leadership more.

Corporate Gifting Should Be Fun
There’s nothing like receiving a thoughtful corporate gift, but organising everything is difficult and time consuming .
We’ve made it simple.
Easily gift a team of 20 or an organisation of 5,000
Over 500+ carefully selected local products
Express UK delivery & worldwide carbon neutral shipping
Free Personalised & branded message card
Easy-to-use online marketplace (launching October 21)
Time consuming, long days sourcing gifts
Hard to manage multiple suppliers
Lack of personalisation
Low quality outsourced products
One gift fits all scenario

Your One Stop Shop for Corporate Gifting

HappyCo. is your one stop shop for corporate gifting. Whether you are looking to recognise employees, show client appreciation or surprise and delight your event VIP's HappyCo. makes business gift giving super easy and fun.

Happiness Guaranteed

Organising corporate gifts for your employees, clients & event attendees is super important. If you're not in love with the end result, just let us know and we'll make it right, guaranteed!

How HappyCo. Customers Are Building Winning Company Cultures

"Creating a culture of care and trust is empowering, it increases morale, it makes people feel valued and best of all enhances productivity. Care packages from HappyCo. went a long way to help me achieve exactly that."

"Our people absolutely loved their little surprise and we received lots of lovely messages of appreciation. The team at HappyCo. was amazing to work with, very supportive and efficient!"

"It's such an easy process from start to finish and you made it super stress free."

Corporate Gifts Sent by Companies to Show Appreciation With HappyCo.
Proudly supplying corporate gifts for
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a good gift for employees?

A good gift is one that the gift-receiver is guaranteed to love! We have over 500 locally sourced products to choose from, with five categories; food, drink, lifestyle, selfcare & brand merch. Your gifting dashboard will show information about your employees allergies, likes and dislikes - making it super easy to find the perfect gift tailored to their preferences.

What are good inexpensive gifts for coworkers?

Little surprises go a long way, and gifting your staff doesn’t have to break the bank.

Should managers give gifts?

Giving gifts is a great way to engage and motivate your staff if you are a small business owner, department manager, or team leader. It’s widely known that recognising the hard work and dedication of your staff will help boost their morale and drive workplace engagement.

How much should you spend on employee gifts?

Depending on the occasion and who you’re giving the gift to, the average amount to spend on an employee appreciation gift can range. You should plan to spend between £20-50 per person and stick to this budget to avoid unrealistic expectations.

Reimagine Corporate Gifting

A corporate gift like no other. Our corporate gift boxes are easy and fun to send whether you have 10 employees or 5,000. Corporate gift boxes are perfect presents for staff, clients and event attendees. Your trusted corporate gifting partner for 1-5,000 gifts.

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