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Dec 13, 2020 · Blog
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Employee perks should be a crucial element of your people strategy and we believe they are even more crucial when your team are working remotely. Not only do benefits and perks make your employees feel valued and appreciated but they can reduce your employee turnover rates, increase productivity levels and improve mental and physical wellbeing too.

A study by Willis Towers Watson found that 75% of employees are more likely to stay with their employer because of their employee benefits package. So what kind of company perks and benefits can you offer your employees when they aren’t in the workplace? Remote employees will appreciate a different set of perks which they may not have appreciated so much when they were in the office. Read on below to find out the best employee perks and benefits that you need to introduce to your company today!

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Flexible work hours

Introducing flexible work hours in the office as an employee perk can prove to be slightly tricky due to the inflexibility which working in a fixed location brings. However, when your team are working remotely it makes it exceptionally easy for your employees to fit their work into hours which suit them best. Implement flexible working by setting a minimum and maximum start and finish time to ensure that there's an overlap between your teams. Other than that, you can allow each employee to schedule their day as they wish!

According to a workplace survey, 90% of employees have said a flexible working schedule would increase their morale. As long as they get their work done in time, it shouldn’t matter what hours they choose to do it in.

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Snack Boxes  

When you work in an office it’s normal to receive treats here and there, but when you work remotely these work perks come to a grinding halt and don’t think they aren’t missed! The editor from the Daily News at Linkedin found that 49% of employees would most like to receive a snack box as part of their remote perks and benefits package.

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Luckily for you, HappyCo. offers the ultimate snack boxes to send to your employees. We deliver a mix of healthy and fun snacks to give your remote workforce an energy boost and pep up their working day. All the products are lovingly made by small businesses across the UK and are the perfect way to implement perks that work.

Cocktail hour

Do you remember when you introduced a cocktail hour in the workplace as a perk but lots of people couldn’t join in because they had to drive home? Well, now the only commute your workforce have to do is one minute from their desk to the sofa. Why not take advantage of the ability to have everyone together for a few drinks and introduce a monthly virtual cocktail hour.

Send your staff a bespoke cocktail kit, set up a video call and get the drinks flowing - all without the guilt of calling an Uber home.

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Lunch meet up budget  

You don’t have to pay for a corporate office which, let’s face it, saves you thousands of pounds per month. It's time to put that money towards benefits and perks for your hard-working team. Why not give each employee a ‘lunchtime meet up’ budget perk which they can use to meet up for lunch with different members of the team. It doesn’t have to be much, just enough for a sandwich and a drink will suffice. Or how about organising a discount for your staff with a small, independent café offering delivery in your area?

The purpose of this work perk is to boost their mood through more social interaction and encourage them to socialise with colleagues who they would never usually spend time with.

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Home office allowance

Contrary to popular belief, most remote workers are actually more productive than office workers. This is because they have minimal distractions, no stress from their commute or office politics and a quiet environment. So why not help make their home working space even more comfortable by giving them a home office allowance as part of their remote employee perks package. Allow them to use it for anything that will improve their workspace e.g. chairs, footstools, fans, calendars, whiteboards etc.

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Training budget

One of the downsides of working from home is that employees are unable to bounce ideas off each other - which is why a crucial employee perk should be to invest heavily in their learning and development. As part of their perks and benefits package, give them a yearly budget which they can choose to spend on any relevant training whether it be online or in person. This will benefit your company’s performance and their personal development so it’s a win-win.

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House cleaning allowance

This may sound like a strange one, but how many of you end up doing more housework now that you are working remotely because you feel more guilty about leaving it? This is exactly the reason why MeetEdgar gave their remote employees’ house cleaning budgets as part of their benefits and perks package. They realised that maintaining domestic duties can have an effect on productivity levels so they eliminated it all together by paying for someone else to do it for their remote teams. If that doesn’t sound like a dreamy employee perk we don’t know what does.

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Coffee or tea deliveries

If you work in an office, the chances are that you will receive free tea and coffee all day so why should this perk stop when you work remotely. Treat your workforce to high-quality beverages sent straight to their door every month. Discover the best coffee subscription boxes and the best tea subscription boxes.

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Lunchtime finish on Fridays

Did you know only 16.7% of tasks are completed on Fridays, making Friday nearly 20% less productive than Monday? With this in mind, surely it makes business sense to encourage your remote employees to complete all their hours by Friday noon so that they can take the afternoon off and start their weekend early. This is a perfect remote employee perk as your team will receive the maximum amount of time off ahead of their weekend, with an added bonus of no commute to endure!

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Digital mental health support

Working from home has many benefits, but it can play havoc on an employee’s mental health due to the lonely nature of the working style. Not only that, but it can actually increase workloads. According to a survey by DigitalOcean, 82% of US tech professionals who work remotely said they feel burnt out, with 52% saying they end up working longer hours and 40% believing that they are expected to contribute more than those who do not work remotely.

To look after your employee’s mental wellbeing, why not offer the perk of a digital mental support app which they can access from their phone, tablet or desktop device. See HR Magazine’s round-up of the best mental health apps here.

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Employee perks are what make you stand out from the competition in terms of talent acquisition and becoming a leading employer. Will you be introducing any of these amazing remote employee perks and enhance your company culture? Let us know if you do and if you have any more suggestions you’d like us to add to the list. In the meantime happy remote working!

Written by Hayley Biggs

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