10 Meaningful Ways to Recognise Employees

Jan 09, 2021 · Blog

Have you ever held a door open for someone only for them to walk straight past you without saying thank you, or even a smile or nod of the head to recognise your kind gesture? Puts a real downer on your day doesn't it?!

Being recognised as an employee for something we’ve done, be it big or small, makes us feel good about ourselves. It reminds us that we did a great job and makes us feel appreciated. We crave this kind of attention daily our whole lives, which is why it shouldn’t be complicated to give recognition.

What are the different types of employee recognition?

Employee recognition tends to come in one of the three ways listed below:

·     Bonuses

The most lavish form of recognition, a bonus could mean anything from a small low cost monetary award given on the spot one day to larger sum of money awarded to celebrate a bigger achievement.

·     Written praise

Either on paper or digitally, written praise is often used to quickly and easily show appreciation for an employee. It’s flexibility and makes it an easy option for employee recognition.

·     Verbal praise

The oldest and most commonly used of them all! Verbal praise doesn’t take any planning or require anything really, but it’s an effective type of recognition to show employees that you are grateful for their work.

Some small organisations might be put off trying to establish a good employee recognition program because they think it would take too much time and a lot of money – but saying thank you doesn’t cost anything, it's free!

Employee recognition doesn’t have to be elaborate, expensive or difficult to organise. You could also completely miss the mark by going overboard for an employee who doesn't know what the recognition is even for. It’s the smaller gestures that will be received as more genuine and make employees feel like their hard work and accomplishments have been recognised and that their great work in the organisation doesn’t go unnoticed.

We’ve put together a list of 10 simple, yet meaningful, ways to boost recognition for your employees today.

10 Meaningful ways to recognise employees:

1.  Say thank you!

It costs nothing to say thank you! It may seem obvious, but it’s amazing how much saying thank you to an employee for their contributions and good work will impact their day. It's the simplest form of recognition.

You could host a meeting just to say thank you as an impactful way to make your appreciation heard.

You could also write it on a note or share it in an email, whatever form it comes in, a simple thank you to say congratulations on a job well done will come across as personal and sincere.

Thank you written on a sticky note

2.  Share employees individual achievements with the team

Recognising employees by sharing individual achievements with the rest of the team or the entire business is going to help members connect. This will really help tie together the work your employees are doing with the rest of the companies goals and values as well as giving a positive role model for their co-workers. Peer recognition is also a great way increase employee engagement as it offers the space for your employees to build stronger bonds amongst each other as well as their superiors. Employee recognition amongst their peers might also increase when you start to publicly appreciate individual work and success.

3.  Celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries

You can reward employees for their work but sometimes its nice to celebrate things outside of work together. Make note of their birthday and help make employees feel appreciated on their special day. Blow some balloons or host a team lunch where everyone can come together. A work anniversary is also a brilliant way to show an employee their journey in the company has been great for everyone. It's a great way to reward employees that connects them to the wider company goals and values.

Happy birthday written in a notebook with a present and flowers

4.  Make new employees feel welcome

Starting a new job can be a daunting experience but making sure each employee feels welcome can make or break their impressions of how you operate. Set up introductions so they know everyone in the team quickly or offer a ‘welcome!’ treat like a tray of biscuits, a branded company stationary set to get them started or why not send them a branded gift box to welcome them on their very first day. If you have a social media channels, why don't you share when new employees have joined the team online? This way they will immediately feel part of the team.

5.  Treat them to breakfast

Nipping into the shop before work and picking up some croissants and fruit at the end of the week doesn’t take much time, but it will mean a lot to your employees and the rest of the team. Occasionally treating staff to breakfast is a great fun way to motivate them to encourage them to be more productive through the week. You can reward employees in lots of ways and everyone is different, but a tasty breakfast spread is sure to put a smile on everyones faces. Yum!

6.  Offer flexible working

Allowing your staff to work from home can be crucial in helping them to achieve the perfect work-life balance. Other flexible working arrangements could include trailing a four day week which has proved to be more cost effective, time efficient and significantly improve workplace wellbeing and productivity!

Read about why we’re giving a four day week a shot here!

7.  Support them through training opportunities

Great management means helping employees expand their skills on the job. Offering employees, the chance to develop within the company through training opportunities is a great way to support them within the company. They will really appreciate the gesture and it can also encourage future development and give them incentive to stay. Recognising employees by offering training will also make them want to increase their performance levels and show they've learned something from the

8.  Have regular check-ins

Setting up a regular 1-on-1 with employees and management allows employees to be heard. This personalisation is a great incentive for employee recognition because it gives time to celebrate achievements as well as raising any ideas or issues they may have. This format could also be good if employees would rather not have their recognition acknowledged publicly but would still like to feel appreciated. Managers don't have to take a lot out of their day, even a ten minute check in would be enough time to show appreciation.

9.  Kit out your office space

Making the working environment more fun and inviting is a great way to recognise employees because it shows thought that goes into making their working experience a more positive one. This encourages a much better company culture and doesn’t even have to be expensive. Get creative and add some art and a few plants, or leave some cards at the break room so that employees can stay stimulated during their lunch breaks and have fun at the same time! Or hand over the decorating to an employee who has some ideas, they'll appreciate the trust you have in them to do something creative with the space.

10. Reward them with something tangible

A cash bonus is great, but there’s something a lot more memorable and meaningful about receiving a tangible gift from your employer. A physical award or a gift lets them walk away with something that shows their work is valued and appreciated. This gesture of appreciation to recognise them for their hard work is fun and far more thoughtful than any cash reward could be!

Recognising employees made easy

The most important thing to consider when encouraging employee recognition is that the recognition comes across as sincere and authentic. You don't have to go above and beyond or spend time on events or a lavish reward to boost employee recognition and employee engagement. Our gift boxes are a great starting place if you are looking for ideas for your employees, and with over 500+ products to choose from there's something that's right for everyone.

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