30 Best Gifts for Employees Going Back to Work in 2021

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Jul 15, 2021 · Blog

‘Welcome back!’ How many times have you heard this greeting over the last few months?

While some of us are eager to get back to the routine and schedule of returning to work, others may be feeling less enthusiastic. In the year prior to the pandemic, a CIPD health and wellbeing at work report included a survey which revealed that 37% of respondents felt that stress-related absences had increased in 2019. Now, similar studies show that an even higher 44% of working adults feel anxious about the prospect of going back to work.

Your staff returning to work will be expecting a high level of support and it’s key that, as an employer, you create a welcoming environment for your employees. Ensuring your staff feel safe at their workplace has never been more important but as well as feeling safe, you now have the opportunity to go above and beyond for your team with a welcome back to work gift.

Gift giving has become even more popular in the last year as a great way to stay connected, nothing says ‘welcome back to work’ quite like a backlog of tasks and a pencil sharpener…but there are loads of great wellness gift ideas that can really help a business show that they care about their staff.

Why You Should Give a Welcome Back Gift to Employees

Gifting is a great way to show your employees that you value them.

Making the adjustment of going back to work is a big deal and employees respond to appreciation that comes when their hard work and dedication is recognised. You want to be known as a company that really cares about the wellbeing of your staff and sending them a welcome back to work gift gift will reinforce that positive relationship.

It will help you stand out against competitors.

When your employees receive their welcome back to work gifts, it will remind them why you’re a great company to work for and boost engagement amongst your team. Giving them a warm welcome back could result in them sharing and praising the company online and in person to potential employees.

Gifting can help improve overall company culture.

This small gesture can have big benefits for the whole company. Having an employer go the extra mile can really ease any concerns or worries your employees might have, helping them settle in and feel connected to the organisation. There are plenty of ways to say welcome back, but we've put together a list of wonderful gifts that will help those words make an impact.

Here’s 25 Great Wellness Gifts for Employees Returning to Work in 2021

1. Blooming Blends: De-stress Facial Mask

Remind your employees that they need to take breaks!

This is a hand-blended botanical sensory facial mist to calm and relax the senses, keep anxiety at bay and settle any apprehension and worry.

2. Wild Heart Organics: Tranquil Travel Candle

After a busy return to work, some employees might find it difficult to unwind.

This is the ultimate relaxing and sleep-inducing therapy candle, let this blend calm the senses and allow yourself to drift to sleep easily.

3. Neon Magpie: Animal colouring in Book

Colouring in is a great way to express your creativity and relieve stress.

This animal colouring book features lovely pen and ink illustrations feature an entire alphabet of animals; from Anteater to Zebra, making this the perfect book for animal lovers of all ages.

4. Neon Magpie: colouring in pencils

These twelve, half length, natural wooden colouring pencils come in a kraft paper box.

They are the perfect accompaniment to our colouring books. These pencils along with one of our colouring books would make a great gift for employees to get in touch with their creative side.

5. Kind bar

Nutritious and delicious snack bars that have no secret ingredients, no artificial flavours, no preservatives, no sweeteners. Just naturally tasty, whole ingredients.

Kind bar

6. Cocoba: hot chocolate stirrer

These hot chocolate spoon stirrers are made from the highest quality Belgian milk chocolate.
Cocoba hot chocolate stirrer

They come with the perfect helping of mini-marshmallows, to make your at home Hot Chocolate experience even more authentic and delicious for the perfect relaxing break.

7. Padg: wax melts

Mini scented pieces of wax that can be melted to release an amazing fragrance into your home.

These wax melts are ethical and handmade and are made for soothing the mind.

8. Coco Chocolatier: Chocolate bar

Coco Chocolatier combines finest South American cacao with beautifully presented original artwork packages to create a unique chocolate experience that is guaranteed to serve as the perfect gift.

9. CHOSAN: Boabab Chocolate Spread

A tasty, extremely chocolatey, chocolate spread made from baobab, cocoa powder and sweetened with raw cane sugar.
Chosan Boabab chocolate spread

Delicious spread on toast for breakfast. A superfood enriched sweet treat for all the family with no added sugar, sweeteners and definitely no palm oil.

10. Deliciously Vegan: Brownie mix

Bake delicious, gooey and rich brownies at home with this mix – all you need to do is add plant milk, oil, apple cider vinegar, mix and bake!

These brownies are super delicious and would be a good gift for someone who deserves a treat.

11. Earth Pines: Reusable metal straws

Help your employees kickstart their zero-waste lifestyle with these eco-friendly reusable and sustainable metal straws.

12. Okiki Skincare: Taste The Word candle

Candles are great for relaxation and taking time out to work on some self care and this one is a fantastic celebration of the world’s flavours and aromas that will revitalise your staff and leave them feeling calm, refreshed and uplifted.

13. Absolute Dice: dice game

This fun little game is a fast series of dice games for everyone to enjoy.

No special score sheets or complicated rules - it's simple, if you can count you can play! A great gift that lets your employees know they still deserve some fun down time.

14. Nudie Snacks: Roasted Pules

These tasty pulses are packed full of fibre to keep you feeling fuller for longer and come in our handy shot packs for healthy snacking on the move!

Perfect for adjusting back into the working day.

15. Glasgow Soap Company: lip balms

These handmade lip balms are made in small batches and use natural oils and butters to help soothe, moisturise, hydrate and condition. A must have for our days spent wearing masks in the office.

16. Lucky Cloud: Soothing Balm

A super hydrating and multi-purpose balm that’s blended with soothing oat oil and is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin.

With it’s calming lavender and sweet rose geranium oils, it’s the perfect gift for employees who need to relax their mind and body.

Lucky Cloud Skincare Soothing Balm

17. I’m aloe: Moisturising mask sheet

This naturally enriched, moisturising sheet mask can help leave skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after facing the world again. Exactly what you need after returning back to work! Give your employees the welcome back they deserve and treat them to some luxurious skincare.

18. A plant

Plants are great for your health, and gifting a small plant is a great way to show you care. At a relatively low price for small plants, they make a great welcome back gift that employees can keep at home and help remind them they work for a wonderful company.


19. Snackzilla: healthy oat cookies

Everybody loves biscuits!

These ones are high in fibre, are vegan, made with wholegrain oats and no artificial sweeteners, colours, flavourings or preservatives! Making it much easier to give in to the break time biscuit temptation in the office.

20. Prettypickled: Tote bag

A bag entirely devoted to snacks?

You don’t have to fill it with tasty goodies but there's plenty of room if you want to! A fun and quirky welcome back gift idea that will help keep your staff fuelled.

21. Shibui tea : Organic English Breakfast Tea

A perfect breakfast brew.

Set to help your staff prepare for the day. Made by a small family run company who are passionate about tea! Add these lovely teas as a surprise gift idea for your office and i'm sure they'd appreciate the change from their normal morning coffee!

22. Lydia Meiying: Notebook

A lovely vibrant and colourful notebook that will make your employees excited for note taking!

A great size to carrying around in your bag and perfect for jotting down anything throughout the day. Notebooks are a lovely gift for any occasion but they work especially well as a welcome back to work gift.

23. Huski home: Travel coffee mug

Many of us might be turning to coffee to get us through the adjustment to returning to work, but that doesn’t mean we should be throwing away single use coffee cups everyday! These sustainable travel mugs are a great welcome back gift made from eco-friendly recycled rice husks.

24. Branded stress ball

Your employees work hard, and even though you do everything you can to alleviate any stress, this work gift can still be useful for those really difficult days. We’re at hand to throw in a stress ball that could be fully customisable with your company logo! You never know when they might come in handy.

25. Branded facemask

It doesn’t look like we’ll stop wearing face masks anytime soon, so a face mask is an appropriate work gift for anyone at the moment! Adding your company logo will put your employees at ease and can help them feel part of the team.

These are just some of our favourite wellness welcome back gifts that can be used to put together a welcome back gift that truly lets employees feel cared for. Lucky for you - we love putting together a gift box to suit your needs! We’ve already delivered employee gift boxes that have been a great success and offer a selection of already curated box sets.

Start building your boxes today!

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