Ways to Boost Employee Morale This Festive Season

Sep 16, 2021 · Blog

This summer has been the blessing we all needed. Warm temperatures, return to social lives, restaurants and bars reopening and live music finally being allowed to happen. But unfortunately , the summer must come to an end…which is great news for fans of Christmas! 🎄

There’s always someone who starts counting down until the festive period from March, and we get it! What’s not to love about the festive season? Time spent with loved ones enjoying each other’s company, relaxing, and indulging in the most luxurious sweets and treats. These are all the temptations that could make the final few weeks in December a bit of a drag and making it much harder to stay focused, with some calling the phenomenon the “holiday click-off” – but it doesn’t have to be this way!

We understand the importance of employee recognition as a way of acknowledging staff for their effort and business achievements to encourage, support and value their work within a team.

Employee recognition has been proven time and time again as one of the most important factors in driving workplace engagement, employee retention and productivity.

The worst thing business owners and managers could do in the run up to Christmas is become the office Scrooge instead of the office hero, so it’s time to embrace the festive season and level up your team morale and employee engagement!

In this article, we’re going outline how you can boost employee morale this Christmas. So what are you waiting for? Pump up your Christmas playlist and lets dive right in.

sweet treats

1.Spritz up offices with holiday decorations

No, we’re not just suggesting this because it’s an easy win. It’s been scientifically proven that festive décor is a morale booster.

A study by workplace interior landscaping company Ambius found 85% of employees agreed that Christmas décor had a positive impact on their mood whilst they were at work. What’s more interesting is that nine out of ten UK office managers and business owners said they believe festive décor had a positive impact on employee wellbeing.

If you’re back in the office this is easily done - grab a Christmas tree (big or small) and sprinkle a few decorations around the desks and communal areas to improve employee morale. If your staff are still working remotely, why not send them some mini festive desk accessories? It'll do wonders for staff morale while also improving your employees' work environment. These are easy to buy online and are all fairly cheap if you're on a budget. Just head over to Amazon, Etsy or eBay where you’ll find mini Christmas trees, tiny lanterns and festive desk decorations.  

You could even create a fun game as you boost morale and employee engagement while you decorate the office space. Hosting a friendly Christmas tree decoration competition is a great way to get the whole team involved and relieve any stress they might have as they near the end of the year. This kind of fun activity and reward will remind them how valued they are at work and help them knuckle down and raise productivity just before Christmas. It’s a win-win! (Unless your Christmas-tree decorations are awful that is 😉)

christmas lights

2. Ramping up the recognition works wonders for employee morale

Employee recognition does wonders for employee morale and work performance and shouldn’t be overlooked during the Christmas period.

A survey by Reward Gateway found that a staggering 70% of employees say motivation and morale would improve with appreciation from managers. 59% of employees would rather work for an organisation with a culture where they received recognition over a higher salary job where they didn’t get any recognition. Which goes to show that you don’t have to spend a fortune to create positive employee morale at Christmas time.

holiday cheer

To create a culture of recognition and a positive work environment you should:

  • Announce employee achievements on your company intranet, email or messaging platform (phone, Slack, employee platform).
  • Make sure you are giving thanks where it’s due. Send positive messages to your employees on the platforms mentioned above or say it face to face if you can.
  • Send Christmas cards with reasons why you are proud of a particular employee and what work they have done that has impressed you during the year.

3. Send employee care packages to show your appreciation

Nothing creates high morale at Christmas time like sending your employees a little gift. Lift festive spirits in your workplace by sending employees a thoughtful care package.

We put together bespoke, personalised care packages for managers and their teams, delivered straight to their doors. If you're still on-site, you can get these luxurious packages sent straight to your workplace. These aren’t like other Christmas hampers where any old things are tossed in for good measure. No, no, no these are hand-picked, high-quality goodies from independent businesses throughout the UK. And we're sure they'll put a smile on all employees' face this Christmas. We can even feature your company branding on our entirely recyclable packaging!

This Christmas we’ve also put together a selection of luxurious festive care packages which include everything from festive biscuits and gingerbread honey  to mulled wine spice kit, scented candles and bath treats. Exactly what your employees need after a year of hard work. We think you'll agree that nothing boosts work morale like the sweet smell of mulled wine and Christmas spice.

Check out this list of our different Christmas curated boxes:

·     Festival Moment

·     Have an Eco Christmas

·     Tis’ the season to treat

·     Mindfulness Festive Box

·     Joy in a Box

·     The Ultimate Christmas

Send Christmas 'memes of the week' to encourage laughter and festive positivity

Who doesn’t love a meme to cheer them up when they are feeling blue?

Why not take these light-hearted spirit lifters and use them to combat low employee morale in the workplace this Christmas. You can make ‘inside jokes’ with Christmas themed backgrounds which will make your employees laugh and most definitely improve employee morale at work when times feel tough. They’ll also make your employees feel immersed in positive workplace culture, no matter where they're working. Imgflip allows you to easily create memes in seconds, meaning they don’t have to take up much of your time. The hard part will be trying to think of the witty jokes to put on them... we'll leave that up to you!

funny work meme

Boosting employee morale at Christmas should be on the top of your agenda this year so be sure to put some of our festive tips into action.

5. Organise an office Christmas Party

Pull your Christmas employee appreciation efforts together with a fun party to kick start your team’s festive period!

Host a Christmas party or meal with your office to celebrate their hard work and boost morale amongst the team before they head off to enjoy the Christmas period. It’s a great way to make your employees feel valued and show the whole company that they deserve to let their hair down and enjoy the spirit of Christmas.

You could simply set up the Christmas party in the office if you decide to decorate or you could reward them even more and pay for a festive meal where you can all celebrate the reward together. To make the event even more fun and memorable, organise a secret Santa earlier on in December and share the presents out at the party. This is a great way to celebrate hard work amongst employees and the business, growing stronger bonds amongst teams and shaking off any stress of the year while sharing a gift in a relaxed and fun manner. There’s no better way to motivate and raise everyone’s spirits before the festive period!

At HappyCo. we know that employee recognition will motivate your employees to perform at a higher level and boost their engagement across the board - but don't let it slip just because it's December! Celebrate Christmas with the whole company and make your employees feel valued and cared for, so they can go and enjoy the festive holiday and come back to work feeling refreshed and ready to for another great year!

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