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Sep 27, 2021 · Blog
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Employee Appreciation has been a buzzword for managers, company leadership and HR departments for some time now, so much so that there’s a nationally recognised holiday devoted to it!


Employee Appreciation Day falls on the first Friday in March and is a day that encourages companies to thank their employees for all their hard work and effort. Which is great! But why stop there?! HappyCo. is built around our foundation that people come first, and that’s why we really recognise the need to appreciate employees in the workplace every day of the year.


Can you think back to a time recently when you showed your appreciation for an employee? Or are you still wondering, “how do you express employee appreciation?” You might have done it without even realising! From the power of thank you to going the extra mile with a bespoke employee appreciation gift box or a team activity, there’s a whole heap of ways to show your employees the recognition they deserve for all their hard work for the company.

If you are still in the early stages of improving your employee appreciation program for your organisation, you might be hopping on to Google to see what the expert advice is. Well, let me tell you something – there’s a lot of it! More and more of us have come to realise how vital showing appreciation to employees is and how it can improve the health, wellbeing and happiness of your staff as well as having benefits for the whole company.

But don’t panic! We’ve put together a list of advice from five of the top-ranking experts within the world of Employee Appreciation. In this post, you’ll find out what the experts are saying about Employee Appreciation. 


Let’s get stuck in!


1.    Employee Appreciation – Why It Matters

By Employee Benefits & EachPerson

With 23 years of experience dedicated to employee rewards and benefits, Employee Benefits know what they’re talking about when it comes to employee appreciation. They’ve been preaching about the importance of appreciating employees for a long time, but this recent post by one of their expert suppliers, EachPerson, shows that they’re still not convinced everyone knows the script.


A study from EachPerson found that when asked what would make them feel more valued in the workplace, 51% of employees said a simple thank you. An even higher 86% of employees say recognition makes them feel happier at work. This post also shared that a Circero study found that well-recognised employees have better work relationships, more drive and determination and stronger connections to their company. They even chucked in this final statistic from Capita that 34% of employees believe being appreciated, thanked, or recognised for their work is the most valuable workplace benefit after a pay rise.

From the post we pulled out these top reasons of why employee appreciation matters:

·     It can encourage members of staff to see positive attributes in each other, which demonstrates they value one another’s work and recognise everyone’s efforts.

·     It has been proven to reduce stress and absenteeism from increased engagement which can lead to fewer stress-related sick days.

·     Regular praise can generate a more productive work environment

·     Feeling appreciated encourages more loyalty in the workplace


2.    Employee Appreciation

By Human Resources Today & Commuter Benefits

Human Resources Today brings together the best content for HR professionals from the widest variety of industry thought leaders. Their site is backed by the Academy of Human Resources Development and they provide countless resources on employee appreciation. This post from Commuter Benefits shares five ways to make employees feel appreciated after recognising it can help retain a higher percentage of employees, make them more engaged with the business and also make them more productive.

Here are their five ways to show your appreciation to them for their hard work.

·     Donate to your employees’ favourite charities

·     Take time to build morale

·     Recognise major milestones and small victories

·     Set up a formal recognition program

·     Tell your employees you appreciate them


The last one may seem obvious, but we understand if you sometimes feel lost for words. That’s why here at HappyCo. we created a comprehensive list of 27 inspirational employee appreciation quotes to help you pick the perfect words every time.


3.    The Basics of Employee Recognition for UK Companies

By Mervyn Dinnin on Workhuman

Mervyn Dinnin is a HR and talent analyst, researching the emerging trends that impact hiring, development and retention. He is the author of the book “Exceptional Talent” and “Digital Talent.” He also shares regular content across the Workhuman website, including pieces on current recruitment trends, improving performance management and the importance of human connection in remote work.

In this article, he highlights how employee recognition, approval and appreciation are fundamental human needs for people of all ages. Even from a young age we seek out these behaviours from our parents and teachers, carrying on this attitude into our adult lives and workplace. We look for it from our managers as well as our peers as indication that we’re performing well and fitting in. A Workhuman survey of full-time employees found that one in five said that they have never received recognition for their work. So it’s almost no wonder that one-third of respondents said they wished their manager showed more appreciation for their efforts.

Mervyn also talks about how the pandemic has intensified a need for stronger employee recognition and appreciation after sharing research that employees desire for being recognised increases by about 30% during periods of disruption. The main points he shares on why recognition and appreciation matter now are:

·     To avoid feelings of isolation in new remote workers, managers need to continue to recognise employee contributions remotely to reassure long-term security of their jobs and viability of the company

·     Kindness and empathy need to be part of the recognition and appreciation efforts. Be creative with the company’s approach to recognition and allow employees to show their gratitude in the moment in a way that is fun, convenient, and accessible.

·     Adding a reward element to recognition and appreciation can make it much more meaningful.


If you’re looking for inspiration, at HappyCo. we offer corporate gift boxes and employee care packages that will show your employees exactly how much you value them. You can send a curated gift box to individuals or to entire communities, either immediately, scheduled or at a milestone.



4.    Ideas to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day remotely

By Catrin Lewis for Reward Gateway


Reward Gateway Official Logo

Reward Gateaway is a culture- and client-driven company set out to improve employee engagement to build better, stronger, and more resilient organisations. Their research shows that 76% of CEOs recognise that employee engagement is vital to their success but only 24% say they have a highly engaged company – and they want to change that! The author of this post is Catrin Lewis, Head of Global Engagement and Internal Communications, creates content that helps drive the mission, purpose and values of the company.

Even though this post is about Employee Appreciation Day which will take place on 4th March 2022, we think that Catrin makes some useful suggestions for appreciating your team all throughout the year! In the post she talks about how the goal of employee appreciation is to create a culture of continuous recognition where employees feel valued and are excited to show up every day, and this includes remote teams. It’s now even more essential that employees still feel connected to their company’s mission and are aware of how their contributions can impact the growth of the organisation. 

Catrin’s suggestion for thanking remote employees is to use technology to boost connections, through eCards or a message alongside an employee appreciation gift box.

She also encourages peer-to-peer employee recognition and lists these are reasons to give your employees that will encourage them to say thank you to one another:

·     For helping out with a project, or work that you needed support with.

·     For making you laugh or brightening up your day with jokes or just checking in on how you are.

·     For listening to you when you shared a personal problem or how you feel you have been feeling recently.

·     For being understanding or supportive while you juggled work meetings with looking after the kids

·     For going above and beyond at work while living your company values.



5.    Employee Appreciation and Recognition

By HR Services Scotland

HR Services Scotland is a leading provided in Human Resources, Employment Law, Health and Safety and training and alite profiling in Scotland and across the UK. They provide expertise with market knowledge and up-to-date legislation on hand to help whenever you need it.

In this post they shared some eye-opening statistics! According to recent research, employees who receive recognition and appreciation at work are five times more likely to feel valued, seven times more likely to stay with the company, six times more likely to invest in the company and eleven times more likely to feel completely committed to the company. They also point out how much slacking on employee appreciation could be costing your business! They say that showing appreciation can have a direct impact on increased retention, employee engagement and motivation amongst your team members, which can help create a more effective workforce. This means it makes good business sense to incorporate a culture of appreciation, after all – who wants to spend an average £30,000 [ACAS, 2021] to replace an individual?!

They then go on to detail ways you could start creating your own employee appreciation scheme:

·     Praise an employee for doing a task well

·     A simple thank you

·     Ask your employees about their interests

·     Offer flexibility when it comes to working hours

·     Arranging fun traditions for seasonal holidays can increase morale

·     Increase employee autonomy

·     Provide opportunities


If you’ve started to make the first steps towards a recognition and appreciation program to thank your team members for their hard work and dedication, you might be thinking it’s all starting to look quite expensive! Not to worry, we’ve already laid out the best tips on how to budget for employee appreciation so it doesn’t end up costing you an arm and a leg.


So there we have it, five pieces of expert knowledge on how to make your employees feel appreciated to help you increase motivation, employee engagement and create a more positive and productive workforce. Make sure you follow us on our social channels linked at the bottom of this page so you never miss the latest news, updates and exclusive content from the HappyCo. team.

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