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Sep 13, 2021 · Blog
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O U R    S T O R Y

During a turbulent start to the year and a worldwide lockdown, our founders decided something needed to be done to support independent business throughout the UK. With the main goal of helping local businesses survive and then thrive, Thriving Box Co. was born.

Partnering with over 500 incredible independent businesses throughout the UK  over 250 incredible independent businesses we began our mission to increase the sales throughput of small businesses during uncertain times.

Our next goal came from our mission to enhance employee wellbeing through corporate gifting. Why?

Because people come first!

We realised there was a demand for our gift boxes coming from companies that wanted to make it fun and easy to show appreciation to their staff, supporting their wellbeing while building a fantastic positive workplace culture. We saw a world where all employees and customers felt appreciated for their efforts and had access to correct mental health information, so we made the decision to focus on our vision of becoming the market leading employee appreciation and gifting platform and the largest donor to mental health projects in the world!

HappyCo. team smiling and laughing

Fast forward to August 2021 we have sold over 75,000 custom gift boxes to over 250 clients such as our friends at Amazon, Accenture, Microsoft and Sabio just to name a few! We felt it was time for a makeover so that our brand represented our mission and goals better, and that’s what you’re looking at today.

HappyCo. make it easy for companies to recognise and value their employees, increasing happiness, satisfaction, and productivity, without the stress that could come with gifting an entire workforce. We provide our clients with an easy-to-use marketplace and dashboard to manage their employee appreciation gift quickly and effortlessly. Our small team has worked hard behind the scenes pulling everything together and making HappyCo. what it is today!


Think of us as your appreciation assistant

We’re here to help you bring happiness to your employees and yourself! We believe that nothing should take the fun and happiness out of employee appreciation, that’s why our system is easy and stress free. We’re passionate about employee wellbeing and have made it our goal to be the experts in this area.

O U R   J O U R N E Y   T I M E L I N E

MARCH 2020 -     

The entire world was jolted into one of the biggest challenges of our time. In March the WHO officially described Covid-19 as a pandemic, shaking thousands of people’s lives. A hugely frightening time that caused the mental health of many people to worsen.

On March 25 the UK Prime Minister announced the first UK lockdown. Most countries now had to develop new mental health support and information, as well as introducing measures to help protect jobs and incomes or help those having to transition to a working from home lifestyle.


APRIL 2020 -       

Our founders, Robbie and Holly, launched a gift box delivery venture to provide a critical lifeline for independent and local businesses to help them continue to trade during lockdown.

Holly was sourcing new small businesses to support every day, often speaking to them on social media and making connections within the local community. Our goals have always formed around our passion for helping people and making people happy, and this was the beginning of a great journey!


MAY 2020 -         

The UK Prime Minister announced that those who cannot work from home should return to work, but the pandemic had already had a resounding impact on the workplace.  

It accelerated existing trends from remote working, e-commerce, and automation. Millions of people were furloughed or had been made redundant, while those who were still working had been forced to turn their living rooms into an office.

Our tiny team was working hard at this point, even packing boxes in a living room before the company grew too big for its first home!   

JUNE 2020 -        

As non-essential shops began to re-open for the first time, many employees that were based in offices still found themselves working more flexibly.

Companies were encouraged to make working from home easier for their employees if they could do it effectively, this included making sure that they supported them through guidance and appreciation.

This is when we started to realise there was a demand for our gift boxes coming from companies that wanted to make it fun and easy to show appreciation to their staff. Being able to support and encourage workplace wellbeing really aligned with our values and we knew we could make a real impact and to challenge the status quo of corporate gifting!

Fast forward a year...

JUNE 2021 -          

Things were starting to return to normal in the world and spirits were lifting everywhere. We were super pleased to welcome new members to our team, our now Co-Founder Fraser and our Marketing and Events Manager Helen.

Fraser began his journey as our Marketing Manager but with knowledge, expertise, and passion for the job he’s now one of our Co-Founders. With Helen on board, we’ve been able to make wonderful creative and strategic marketing changes that have helped shape HappyCo. and that we’re all super pleased about! Helen joined us ready for any events we needed to go to, but with the pandemic still putting events on hold we had to wait a little – but there was still plenty of work to keep us all busy.

JULY 2021 -          

More new members! Our Business Development Manager Stuart joined us and he’s the voice of HappyCo., speaking directly to our clients to help them find exactly what they need for their ideal employee appreciation. We also welcomed Laura, our Warehouse Operations Manager who makes sure all your orders get to where they need to be with efficiency.

This is when our four day working week trials began to support the mental health and wellbeing of our own employees. After adjusting to the new work week, it’s safe to say we all absolutely love it and are proud we are a company that practices what they preach.


Our HappyCo. vision started to come together!


AUGUST 2021 -       

It was all hands-on deck! August was a busy month with every member of the team working hard on our new venture. We were all really proud of how far we’d come in a few months. 

Our 2021 festive gift options were already generating a real buzz and we were all gearing up to attend The PA Show in London which took place at the start of February.



HappyCo. Official Launch! We’re so excited to go live with everything we’ve been working on. Our new marketplace will make it easier than ever before to show your employees the appreciation they deserve and we can’t wait to share it with you very soon. In the meantime, get in touch with us now!


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