The Best Employee Engagement Software You Should Be Using in 2021

Mar 11, 2021 · Blog
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Did you know only 53% of workers around the world are engaged in their work? And those who are highly engaged are 87% less likely to leave their job? We think you can do better than that.

So what’s the trick to having more engaged employees? Well, according to Qualtrics there are a few things which can make all the difference when it comes to employee engagement:

  • Companies who act on feedback have almost double the engagement rates.
  • Managers who praise their employees for their work have a team 5x more likely to stay than if they ignore their employee’s efforts.
  • Giving employees meaning behind their work, communicating clearly what the business' objectives are and how employees are helping to achieve those.

These are just some of the factors which increase employee engagement. Luckily, there are tonnes of employee engagement software solutions on the market to help.

We are going to showcase the best employee engagement software solutions to drive engagement and improve business performance for 2021.

7 Top Employee Engagement Softwares for Your Team

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Why Work When You Can WorkTango

WorkTango is an employee engagement software solution focused on employee feedback. They provide employee surveys which turn into active conversations and enable management to act on what has been said. They work with some big names including Ugg, Deloitte, and Expedia Group.

We love this easy to use employee engagement platform because it tackles one of the biggest issues causing poor engagement; lack of feedback. It doesn’t just collect feedback. It uses advanced technology to listen, understand, and act on the information given from employees.

With in-depth reporting and analytics, it allows managers to view real-time insights across the entire employee lifecycle and see correlations within their data to predict what actions will yield the biggest impact.

Love To Lattice

Lattice is trusted by some massive names including Slack, Reddit, and Asana and for good reason too! This intelligent employee engagement software solution combines employee reviews, goals, 1:1s, feedback, praise, and updates to dramatically improve employee performance.

Employees understand their impact on the company and how they can progress in their career. The tool makes it exceptionally easy to facilitate development plans in line with career tracks so employees know exactly what they need to do to progress.

Lattice truly understands what it takes to engage employees and help them perform at their very best.

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Culture Amp To Amplify Engagement

Culture Amp markets themselves as a tool to support managers. The employee engagement software solution helps effectively manage your people and lead a more data-driven business for best results.

The powerful platform gives you insights across the employee experience in your business. It also gives you access to pulse surveys and in-depth reporting, as well as providing performance evaluation tools with 360 reviews, goal tracking and continuous feedback.

Customers love the all-encompassing employee engagement platform because it allows them to discover the relationship between performance and engagement within their business.

We Are Fond Of Fond

This is a company who knows a thing or two about employee recognition. As we mentioned previously, employees are 5x more likely to stay at their company if their managers recognise the work that they do. This is why it is so crucial to invest in a reward and recognition platform in 2021.

Fond’s employee engagement software solution includes a variety of features; social recognition, service awards, performance analytics and corporate discounts.

The engagement platform makes it effortless to reward employees. There are thousands of rewards for your team to choose from, along with in-depth reporting on which perks your staff are most likely to choose. It makes it easy to make your employees feel valued, monitor the success of your programme, and achieve a highly engaged workforce. Fond, we salute you.

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Workvivo and Work Well

Effective internal communications are a crucial part of any employee engagement strategy. Workvivo gets that.

This employee engagement platform provides a company wide, central hub of communication for your staff. With employees working remotely in various time zones, Workvivo makes it easy for them to stay engaged, connected and informed no matter where they are in the world.

Creating a social experience similar to social media apps, Workvivo helps connect employees and ensure they feel valued and respected. The features include:

  • live activity feed to showcase images and videos related to great work
  • employee recognition shout-outs
  • collaboration spaces allowing staff to work together at all times

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Qualtrics Calls For Quality

Qualtrics gives you real-time employee engagement insights and action planning tools. Why is this so useful? Well, the supercharged, data-driven employee platform allows managers to improve employee engagement by showing them exactly where to focus their efforts to increase performance.

This means no more wasted time on engagement initiatives which aren’t having any impact. Use the tool to help drive useful actions and achieve a world-class company culture.

Being able to see how your actions impact employee productivity and organisational KPIs allows quicker results - which is crucial for optimal business performance. This is exactly why Qualtrics is rated as one of the best employee engagement software solutions in 2021.

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Kazoo Your Way To the Top

Kazoo are masters in creating a high performing culture. Their dynamic platform ensures your employees are working to the best of their ability through performance management, recognition, and employee surveys.

It ensures that your team always feels valued and heard with ongoing conversations, feedback, and listening into key processes to create a people-first, growth-oriented culture.

What’s even better is that the Kazoo makes it easy to gain a richer view of alignment, performance, and engagement with a complete picture of your employee experience.


Whether you're focussing on creating a connected company culture or gaining a better understanding of the employee experience, there's a software out there to help you increase engagement and improve performance.

Could an employee engagement software solution be the next step to improving performance in your team?

Written by Joana Burns

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