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Aug 10, 2020 · Blog
black lives matter movement

Momentum -

The force that keeps an object moving and an event developing after it has started.

When I was born I was thrown into the momentum of life. I didn’t have a choice.

Something happened; I was born, I developed and I grew.

I made mistakes, but I also made good choices. I became a therapist, got tattoos, packed boxes, had babies and have a passion for wanting to help people.

This year, the momentum stopped. Everything stopped. The world and its people are in huge pain. The fear of the unknown can be crippling and the silence of the streets deafening.

It was on the street where George Floyd was murdered.

He called out to his mama - I heard that cry as if he were my own child.

george floyd momentum

The streets were silent no more. There was rage, anger, tears, fire, protest, looting and tearing down of monuments. All of which I feel are needed to encourage change.

People fell deaf while peaceful protests continued - apart from those accused of dishonouring their country.

At least when they knelt no one was killed.

How many more innocent black people will be subjected to racism and injustice? Stopped and searched before being murdered by the very people who are there to serve and protect.

I don’t have all the figures, I may not know the names of the people involved but what I do know is that I am a decent human.

Children are the Future

I look at my children and I know how lucky we all are. I am aware of my white privilege and yes, I have taken this for granted. I’ve never had to worry about what people think of me because of the colour of my skin. I don’t need to wonder if my child will be the ‘token’ white child.

Being a mother comes with a few standard anxieties. But I can’t imagine what it is like to be a black mother - will my child be a victim of police brutality today because of the colour of their skin?

My children are no different to any other children. They love to play,  eat chocolate and make a mess. I strive to bring them up to understand people are born with only love; hate is something that is learned. From a young age, we condition our children with our own moral judgements. Am I setting my babies up to be decent humans? I certainly try.


We must teach our children right from wrong. We must show them that no matter how small a change may be, we must always try our best. Because if we don’t try, how will change ever happen?

If enough people keep trying, keep pushing, then the momentum will pick up pace. If we keep persevering, I hope the change we want to happen will happen.

Time to Step Up

The Momentum Box is my contribution to change. It’s here to help a group of people who have so little support. Independent black owned businesses in the UK have been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. A group of people who already have lower levels of wealth compared to White British and Indian households of the UK.

racism is a pandemic

UK Black Owned Businesses have highlighted this wealth gap; explaining that black families on average have lower net wealth compared to their white counterparts.

So before you question why we should be focusing on buying from black-owned businesses, you must first understand that the money being spent helps level out our current state of economic inequity.

Shopping from and supporting black business is not just a one off, it has to be sustainable. Instead of panic buying the first product you find, research more brands, research who made the products. This way our money will be getting spent in a fairer and equal manner.

To be completely honest, I found sourcing partners for The Momentum Box hard. Why are black-owned businesses not at the top of the searches? What is it that is hindering these businesses from accessing the support they require - or should we question where is the support they require?

black lives matter

- Ben, Rafikï Coffee

I want to find as many independently owned black businesses and showcase their products in our boxes. I want to have the Momentum Box coming up first so that these partners have an equal chance of being recognised. I want our Instagram page to be more diverse and celebrate different cultures. I was ashamed when I looked back over our various Instagram pages and saw that only one black owned business featured.

black children

- Tihara Smith

This is a process. I am actively working on it, growing and learning from the black community. I am taking my time and doing the research into the businesses we support. Making more informed decisions, not just for me, but for our company as a whole.

How to Help

The most sustainable way to support black businesses is to buy from them!

This is where The Momentum Box steps in. If you can't decide what to buy, if you want to support more than one business, our gift box is perfect.

One box supports either 4 or 6 independently owned black businesses in the UK.

Temi, Arike Organics

- Temi, Arike Organics

So either treat yourself or send a box to a friend. Let everyone know The Momentum Box is here to support as many businesses as we can. We’ll be donating £1 from each box sold to a Black Lives Matter charity to further our support.

Vaneza Lourenço, roots by vanl

- Vaneza Lourenço, roots by vanl

There are so many incredible articles, websites, podcasts and accounts out there.

So please, if you can’t afford to support black-owned businesses, join us in educating ourselves on the matter. Let's end white silence.

Maggie Anderson's 'My black year' TEDx Talk is a particularly good place to start! 😊

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